Super Mario Galaxy for Nintendo Wii Game Review

Among the Nintendo gamers many people have been wanting more of “Mario”. They get it with the Super Mario Galaxy. This is one of the better Mario games.

The storyline is thus. Mario needs to save Peach (Princess Toadstool) from Bowser’s clutches. The game is played partly in the sky. Mario collects star bits that help in beating enemies. The negative elements are quite colorful in this one.

Mario himself has a lot of add-on’s. One is the bee suit that turns Mario into a bumblebee. A boo suit transforms Mario into a ghostly menace that allows him to enter ghostly portals. Some classic items stage a comeback in this one like the Fireflower.

Breathtaking graphics are a constant feature of Super Mario Galaxy. The music is simple yet elegant. The controls are simple as well. With the help of the Wii remoter you can climb trees and meteors.

For your pleasure, there is also co-op mode where two people can collaborate to defeat the enemies like giant goombas and a giant octopus.

Super Mario Galaxy is a great game and highly recommended. Worth the wait for a new “Mario.” For the $49.99 it costs it is worth a lot more in gaming pleasure.

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