Prince of Persia Rival Swords for The Nintendo Wii Game Review

This is the concluding game of the Prince of Persia Trilogy by Ubisoft. It was released in early April 2007 and is playable on the Nintendo Wii. There is a little more content and a new control scheme in the Nintendo Wii version.

The game is set in time after the first two games. The prince returns home and finds things terribly amiss. The graphics are as good as the original games, though I was expecting better.

The game is fast paced. You get to go past acrobatics, puzzles and fight. In this new plot the prince can change into his dark self. However he loses health constantly. The prince has the power to control time. This is a great advantage to the player.

I enjoyed the game play. The Wii’s motion sensing makes the game much more exciting. The level of precision is a bit less than the other two games, though.

Is this game recommended? Well you get to be a prince and that aspect of the roleplay is exciting like the earlier two games. The graphics are good and the gameplay exciting. So do I recommend it? Not really. The Gamecube version costs of Two Thrones costs $30 less than Rival Swords and not much of the excitement is lost. The problem with this game is that it does not give you anything newer than the previous two games. In addition I wouldn’t buy the game just for the Wii controls.

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