Game Party for Nintendo Wii Game Review

Nintendo Wii has a tradition of having some of the great games of all time. I bought Game Party a fortnight back and did not find it path breaking, but it was not all boring either.

This is a pack of several games. In fact many of these are fun to play with the Wii-mote. With the motion sensor on the Wii-mote these games transform into hours of fun.

I found table hockey had a steep learning curve. Beer Pong takes too long to finish. The trivia game was pretty entertaining though and I really liked darts, ski ball and shuffleboard.

On the other hand many of the games are downright boring. The problem with some of these, like mini hoops, is that they are single player games.

The catchy music on shuffleboard was really entertaining, the music changes during gameplay. The physics was quite good.

However I would recommend Wii Play rather than this. For example, billiards in Wii Play is quite similar to the billiards in this title but is much better. I bought Wii Play to get a second Wii-mote and do not find this game pack as entertaining.

In sum this is a mixed bag of good and boring games. If the games are the kind that you have never experienced you can buy this title for the price – just $19.99. However don’t expect big bags of all round fun from this one.

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